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Author: Lucas Stewart
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If you’re looking for the best bitcoin casino NZ has to offer, then you have stumbled across the hidden gem of articles. We have created an amazing Bitcoin casinos list, delivering you high-quality graphics, innovative gameplay and some of the finest deals and rewards. Bitcoin casinos have been few and far between in the past, but over recent years, more and more crypto gambling sites have been emerging.

It is important to understand what Bitcoin is and how it works differently from regular monetary transactions. You will need to acquire a digital wallet for you to be able to buy a cryptocurrency and then make payments to your chosen casino. There are many wallets available and each has its set of benefits and drawbacks, so be sure to read up on them. Also, check that it is capable of making deposits to your casino before you buy any cryptocurrency.

Rating: 10/10
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Rating: 9/10
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Facts & History of Bitcoin

Casino BitcoinBitcoin is a cryptocurrency (digital money) that was first created back in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It works by using a decentralized peer-to-peer system, where transactions are stored in something called the “blockchain”. Bitcoin has been hit by the good press and bad over the years, and has subsequently seen its price fluctuate drastically at times. This is something to consider when deciding to use a Bitcoin online casino, the amount you purchase Bitcoin for one day can be completely different the next.

It’s this volatility that both deters and entices investors, traders, and gamblers as you could win an amount of Bitcoin, and it could double in value overnight. Due to its tiny processing fees, speed of transactions and simplicity of implementation, cryptocurrency casinos are popping up all the time. There are different ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You can either get yourself a proper digital wallet in which you store your digital cash. Or you can buy it through a third-party vendor, who stores your money in their corporate wallet.

Both ways are fine, however with the latter option, sometimes you don’t actually own the coins and are more at risk of losing them due to computer errors or hacking. With a personal wallet, you and only you have a 12-word password for your wallet, making it almost impossible to hack. One of the main benefits of cryptocurrencies for use in all aspects of life, is the anonymity it provides its users. There is no paper trail of transactions so your personal details are completely secure when buying and selling goods.

This has, however, led to criminals using cryptocurrencies to cover their tracks. Thankfully though, these occurrences are very irregular and the majority of Bitcoin ventures, including the best Bitcoin casino New Zealand has to offer, are legitimate and potentially very profitable to the user.

How to Make a Deposit at a Bitcoin Casino NZ

Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of cryptocurrencies, we’re seeing an influx of new Bitcoin casinos, offering bigger and better incentives to join. The minimum deposit amounts are coming down with every new casino that opens, and it won’t be long before we see a 1 dollar casino NZ players can enjoy. They have also attracted the attention of high rollers because of getting lower transaction fees than you’re often stung by. But how easy is it to put Bitcoin into your account once you’ve chosen a casino? Is it safe to use?

Bitcoin transactions work differently from normal money transfers, when paying with a card, bank transfer or online vendor like PayPal, you usually just input your details, select the amount you wish to fund and click the “deposit” button. However, with Bitcoin, you need to own a digital wallet, which stores the virtual currency like an online vault. There are then different exchanges where you can buy crypto coins to keep in your wallet. You may find that there is sometimes a commission fee applied to your purchase of coins. So, it’s often advantageous to buy in bulk, especially if it’s a flat fee per purchase.

When it comes to depositing money into a Bitcoin casino, you need to find out the wallet address of the casino to which you will make the transfer. Then from inside your digital wallet, you will send money to the casino, and it will be processed and recorded on the blockchain. The whole transaction will take a matter of minutes and the funds will appear on your casino balance. A big selling point of Bitcoin use is the level of security you are getting because the transaction is happening between 2 digital wallets, there is no way for your personal details to be hacked.

One of the main benefits of playing at a Bitcoin casino is that you can make deposits and withdrawals quickly and easily.

Lucas Stewart (NZCasinoMagic expert)

Withdrawing Bitcoin From an Online Casino

When it comes to withdrawing your winnings from your casino account into your digital wallet, the process is much the same as when depositing, just in reverse. It’s simply a case of going through the Bitcoin casino login, heading over to the withdrawals page, you select the Bitcoin option and input your digital wallet address. The funds are then sent immediately to your wallet and are often available to use almost instantaneously. However, they can take longer depending on the size and blockchain usage.

Once again, the major advantages of this system are that you’re often not charged transaction fees by the casino, and you never have to provide your personal information or bank account details, you simply give your wallet address and the money is sent.

If you are a higher roller or get lucky with your Bitcoin casino bonus and accumulate numerous winnings, it is advisable that you use a personal digital e-wallet to withdraw the funds. This is due to the susceptibility third-party wallets have of being targeted by hackers. You wouldn’t want someone else carrying your wallet around in real life, would you? This is the same principle. If you have big winnings, keep them safe, keep them close.

Online Casino Fees Charged When Using the Bitcoin Payment Method

The transaction fees when using Bitcoin are what make it so attractive. If they aren’t free, they’re as good as free and almost always cheaper than other payment options available. The ease of use and processing speeds are why so many safe online Microgaming casinos are switching to or implementing the use of cryptocurrencies. Having the ability to handle customers’ winnings and account funds so quickly and easily give them an edge over conventional casinos.

It’s thanks to this, there are so many Bitcoin casinos NZ players have to choose from these days. The world is changing rapidly, and digital currencies are becoming more and more popular when it comes to making purchases. People are beginning to trust putting their money into the digital world more, which has led to keeping various coin prices relatively stable. However, it’s important to understand exactly how and why different coins and currencies fluctuate before diving into making purchases.

The Best Bitcoin Casinos: How to Choose One

Bitcoin online casinoChoosing the best Bitcoin casino can often feel like an uphill struggle. So many deals and bonuses are thrust in your face that knowing which is the best option can be daunting. You can be offered anywhere from 50% to 250% matching deposit bonus, all of which can actually work very differently. Wagering requirements are a tool casinos use to make it difficult to withdraw bonus money immediately. Without them, customers could make the initial deposit, receive their bonus, withdraw the full amount and not risk a single penny.

So, casinos force customers to wager the bonus money a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn as real money. They can be anything, from a 10x and even up to 100x times at some casinos. So check the small print, and make sure you know exactly how many times you’ll need to wager the bonus before it can be classed as winnings. Once you’ve compared the best matching bonuses versus the wagering requirements, you’ll most likely have discovered the best fast payout online casino NZ customers can use to gamble.

Some of the best Bitcoin casino sites have very low minimum deposit amounts, but be sure you understand the exchange rate. It’s easy to understand what the amounts are when a casino says $10 minimum deposit, but when it says 0.0025BTC or 0.0001BTC you may be confused as to how much that actually equates to. So educate yourself on these matters, as they all add up to make one casino better than another. Which, in turn, means bigger profits for you as a gambler. Sometimes the thing that makes a casino more appealing isn’t just transaction speeds, but the speed of the games themselves. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting an eternity for a game to load up, especially if you’re limited on playtime.

Bitcoin mobile casinos

Mobile devices are something almost everybody has, and casinos know this. Having a whole casino in the palm seemed like science fiction not too long ago. How times have changed. Customers can’t always access a desktop and don’t always carry a laptop with them. So, mobile apps are being created thick and fast to give players access to casino games when they’re on the move. It is now even possible to find Bitcoin casino sign up functions within the mobile apps, so you have no need for a desktop or laptop at all.

This makes the whole process even more simple and more satisfying. Even though not all casinos have mobile apps, many of them still work on the browsers installed on smartphones, such as Safari or Firefox. So if you have a favourite casino that accept Bitcoin, but it doesn’t have an associated mobile app, check if it runs on your phone’s internet browser, you may be surprised to find it works just as well.

Due to the smaller screens when playing on a mobile device, the graphics are much more high definition, adding to the excitement. Also, the gameplay can feel a lot faster and sleeker as smaller images are having to load, providing you have a fairly decent smartphone.

Online Casino Alternatives to Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin is growing in popularity, it isn’t the be-all and end-all of casino payment. There is absolutely nothing wrong with depositing funds conventionally using bank accounts, credit cards or other online payment methods. If you are happy to provide a casino with your personal and financial details to deposit and withdraw money, then feel free. The majority of online real money casino NZ players have to select from are reputable and use the best possible security measures to protect their customers.

Just because top Bitcoin casinos can provide you with full anonymity, doesn’t mean they’re any safer than traditional casinos. Scam casinos actually have a better chance of getting away with your money if you use Bitcoin to make payments, as the transactions can’t be traced and cancelled. On top of this, real money casinos use stable currencies like dollars, so your account balance is not at the mercy of the volatility cryptocurrency prices often face.

So, when deciding if you should go with a real money traditional casino or try a Bitcoin casino, weigh up the pros and cons. It’s not simply a case of Bitcoin being anonymous and having lower fees therefore it’s superior to conventional casinos, more aspects come into play. It’s crucial you get to know the terms and conditions of individual sites to know exactly what to expect as a customer. It’s your money on the line, so learn how it’s being stored and how it is transferred.

Tips for Playing at Bitcoin Casinos Safely

Safety and security have always been a hot point for casinos and any company managing the personal and financial details of its customers. Being irresponsible with personal information can lead to massive lawsuits and a decrease in the overall trust in your company. It is for this reason, that casinos spend large amounts of money making sure their users are safe, both when inputting details and when gaming.

There isn’t a lot of information being processed when you play Bitcoin casino games, so there is only real concern when it comes to financial transactions. By using Bitcoin as a way of making these transfers of funds, you eliminate the need to hand over private details about yourself. All you need is a digital wallet address and your winnings can be paid out directly to you completely anonymously. This means you can spend less time worrying about your security and more time enjoying Bitcoin casino free spins.

The best way to maintain full anonymity and control over your money is to have a personal digital wallet. This means nobody but you can access the funds, using an incredibly strong 12-word password, digit wallets are completely inaccessible except by their owner. With Bitcoin becoming ever more popular, more and more companies are beginning to accept it for payments and purchases. This means any winnings you withdraw into your digital wallet can be utilized to buy or pay for any number of items and services.

The most important thing to keep you safe when using Bitcoin, especially with casinos, is to keep your wallet password totally secure. If possible, don’t write it down, have it memorized. If your password is stolen, it is possible to lose all the funds in your digital wallet. A legitimate casino will never ask you for your digital wallet password, so be highly wary if they do.

Bitcoin and Online Gambling: Pros and Cons

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin has many advantages in the gambling world, but it’s not without its bad points. Here we will discuss the reasons for and against using a crypto casino and make an assessment.

Bitcoin casino sites can reward their customers with extremely small, if not completely free, transaction processing fees, this is thanks to the peer-to-peer blockchain technology. Transactions are also completed exceptionally fast, often performed within seconds, so not waiting around for your deposits or withdrawals to clear. No personal details are required to put money into or take out of your casino account. So, you have the peace of mind that your identity is being kept completely anonymous, your only job is to protect your digital wallet password.

Regarding wallets, you are spoilt for choice with a host of different digital wallets available for storing cryptocurrency. They each have their perks and benefits along with their drawbacks, so choose wisely.

When discussing the downside of Bitcoin casinos, you have to mention the limited number of casinos to choose from. Although there are more appearing continually, in the grand scheme of things, there is a much greater selection of conventional casinos at your disposal, each offering its own unique deals.

Another issue with Bitcoin is the volatility of the currency market, crypto coins are more susceptible to large fluctuations than traditional real-world currencies. The inability to reverse transactions is also a major concern, as scammers can simply disappear with your money, so be sure to only use reputable casinos.

Bitcoin Casino of the Month in New Zealand

Bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly popular as more people learn about the benefits of using Bitcoin to gamble online. That’s why our experts are constantly checking and testing casinos, and this month, the best Bitcoin casino is:

Rating: 10/10
1st Deposit - 100% up to NZ$300 + 100 Free Spins
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All in all, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are definitely the way forward in the world of online transactions, especially for casinos. The positives easily win in the battle against the negatives. Lower fees mean lower minimum deposits, so it will be possible to find $5 deposit NZ casinos in the near future. New Kiwi Bitcoin casinos are opening their doors constantly, and as the creases are ironed out of the cryptocurrency industry, coins will become more stable and trusted among traders.

Then, more conventional casinos will begin to accept Bitcoin and other electronic coins as payment, ever-increasing the huge catalogue of casinos online. As long as you keep your digital wallet password completely secure and only choose a reputable Bitcoin casino, which has plenty of good reviews and feedback from its customers, then you really don’t have too much to worry about when gambling online using cryptocurrencies. So check them out today and see what all the fuss is about.

Online Bitcoin Casinos NZ FAQ

Yes, Bitcoin is slowly becoming a very popular choice to deposit funds into gambling accounts. When using an online casino Bitcoin transactions can be made with super quick speed and instant withdrawals. You will require a digital wallet to take advantage of the use of cryptocurrency when depositing and withdrawing funds.
To use Bitcoin as a funding option for your account, you will need to acquire a digital wallet. You will then need a Bitcoin deposit casino wallet address, to which you will send the amount you wish to pay into your account. Transactions only take a matter of minutes.
Most Bitcoin casino gambling sites which also have accompanying mobile apps will allow you to use Bitcoin on both platforms. This gives you even more security when it comes to gambling on mobile casino games. Using Bitcoin has the added bonus of giving you full anonymity, so your personal details are completely safe.
Bitcoin casinos operate like any other casino and as such offer their customers many bonuses and rewards. Not only are you given a welcome bonus when making your first deposit, but also granted plenty of exciting incentives along the way. So check out our Bitcoin casino reviews today and see what's on offer.
Yes, they are completely legal, so long as they’re registered and hold all correct licenses. Be aware that scam sites do exist out there, so always select a reputable, well-known casino. If you are looking for a casino Bitcoin can be used in, then check out our hand-picked list of the best choices.